Monday, May 25, 2015

How to draw an eye easy with pencil step by step, Flash Games


The human eye is part of our anatomy that perhaps generates the most visual interest to the viewer, so I think very appropriate to recommend that we learn to draw with special attention, practicing their details and characteristic traits. Well, in order to help stakeholders, it occurred to me to draw an eye photographing step by step process. See what you think. 

I start by drawing a cross that divide my resume in four parts, try to do it without using rule or square, ok? Now draw a circle centered; as you can see, the cross served up a bit to make it more accurate, so it is important to start with it. 

Copy the shape or contour of the eye as I did. The circle must view it as a sphere, since the eye is essentially a coated area of skin and muscles, hence the purpose of drawing it as a base.

Draws just the cross and center of the sphere with his pupil iris, Czech proportion to the size and contour of the eye and try to do as I did ... You see how we're serving that cross?

Outlines some details, such as iris textures and some tabs, note that these are loaded to the left, because in the center and right are positioned as front and barely visible, why not draw with definition, only as a dark spot in that area, right?

Now add the outline of the brow, lower lid line and the line marking the end of the eye socket to the right. Do you see how I'm still viewing the area that began as a basis for drawing the eye? I check it out on the line of the lower eyelid, ok?

At this stage I give more definition to the eye contour generally adjusting and adding details such as the tear, typical of the upper and lower eyelids wrinkles; I emphasize the definition of eyelashes and eyebrows work. These, as you'll notice the drawing from three types of strokes: inclined to the right eyebrow left, horizontal, or almost horizontal to the center and inclined to the left or nearly vertical to the right, some doubt? I have also added the outline of the brightness in the iris, remember that the cornea is basically a crystal. You can give tone to the iris is darker than the top to the bottom. According to eye color will be more or less intense this gradient. Eye rims are dark and the pupil will be completely black. It would be desirable to begin to give volume to the upper eyelid imagining you're wrapping the area with shadows www.العاببرق.com where I put them, ok?

Well, iris tone continues trying to focus the darkest at the top, as I said before, but more particularly dark and subtly right next to the brightness, contrast acknowledge that achieving greater visual richness and expressiveness in your drawing of the eye, which will still give more life enhancement. Raises eyebrows tones and works in the volume of the eyelids; You see how much insist on following the sphericity of the eye ?, or agrisando accentuating the edges of the cornea on both sides. Also noted as the lower eyelid has a slight thickness on the end and started precisely delineate the lower lashes, which as you can see, are also loaded on the left and are further apart and smaller.

Continues to enhance the overall tone of all elements and notes that I added a shadow on the top of the eye that covers the entire cornea, this shade is usually projected by the tabs and give you more naturally to your drawing. Did you see the outline of the iris is darker? Do not forget.